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The woman who came to revolutionise the results of lymphatic drainage.

Provide you with immediate well-being.

 Natalia Drainage will help you reduce your all body measurements in the first session and bring luxury and refinement experiences to your day.

The treatments are done in a cozy, quiet environment with all the structure to pick you up in the best way, giving you the opportunity to live an incredible experience, body and soul. Our aim is to meet your needs of well-being, in a personalized and caring way. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment - your relaxation journey is in good hands.

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Treatment to reduce measures and bring health to your body.

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The method has come to improve the conventional technique of lymphatic drainage, which works like detox for all body and eliminate toxins and combat fluid retention, with unique manoeuvres.  


A massage is done only by hand, no pain at all.

The technique reduces edemas, activates blood circulation and enhances a complex networks of vessels that move the body fluids, reducing the much feared cellulite, post Surgical, helps to protect your body against bacteria and viruses, tones the intestine, which helps fight constipation and give the best result in your first session.

The result is a less swollen and shapely body, through a faster metabolism, which also promotes a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage Relieves heavy legs and swelling Lymphatic drainage relieves feelings of heaviness in the legs by improving both blood and lymphatic circulation.  

When performed regularly, it leaves you feeling lighter after each session. This massage therapy is particularly recommended for anyone suffering from edema or lymphedema, and in the case of postoperative edema, to eliminate excess lymph fluid.

Helps to sculpt the figure✨

A manual lymphatic drainage massage works to detoxify the entire body. Regular lymphatic drainage sessions can help to reduce cellulite, prevent water retention, improve skin tone, and relieve congestion in swollen legs.


How often can I do?

An extremely effective recommendation is to perform 1 to 2 massage sessions per week. There is no doubt that by following this recommendation, the results achieved, at the end of the whole period will be excellent. Just like every treatment you need to give continuity to see good results.

Swedish Massage

A lymphatic drainage has significant benefits for different health areas and purposes.
Some of these benefits are:

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Reduces cellulite. It reduces fat deposits and stimulates circulation, as a result, it improves the condition of orange peel.

* Improves the condition of tired legs.

* Reduces problems associated with fluid retention,  poor circulation, and localized fat.

* Helps reduce varicose veins.

* Hydrates the skin and helps to revitalize it, considerably reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. Here is the answer to the question can Ultherapy ruin your face? or not.

* Helps with shape definition.

Certainly, these effects can be achieved thanks to the movements and gentle pressure that favor cellular rejuvenation and the elimination of waste.



* Helps to reduce lymphatic problems.

* Stimulates the immune system, increasing the body’s own defenses.

* Helps to protect your body against bacteria and viruses as it works in conjunction with the immune system.

* It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system

* Its direct effect on the parasympathetic system generates a relaxing effect.

* Tones the intestine, which helps fight constipation.

* Regulates the body’s water balance.

* Lowers blood pressure.

* Reduces stress Sports

* Helps to prepare your muscles for physical effort, this allows greater performance and better recovery.

* Reduces pain and inflammation.

After surgical procedures

* Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to eliminate fluids accumulated during and after the procedure.

* Help to reduce pain caused by the excess of fluids.

* Reduces bruises that can appear after a liposuction procedure or other surgical procedures.

* Prevents seroma.

* Reduces fibrosis.

* Speeds up the recovery process.

* Reduces swelling.


Lymphatic drainage: when it is not indicated

The lymphatic drainage sessions are not recommended for cases of: people with malignant tumours, cancer, tuberculosis, acute inflammatory processes and infections, oedemas resulting from uncontrolled renal, cardiac or hepatic insufficiency, congestive cardiac insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, hyperthyroidism, among others.

Among the contraindications are: acute infections, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, diagnosed and active malignant neoplasms (cancer), heart failure, hypotension, untreated hyperthyroidism, severe and untreated bronchial asthma and fever.


Take care of yourself with Natalia Drainage

Join us at our beautiful facility located in the Innaloo area at 25 Minilya St.

I don't have a receptionist, so please arrive at the address given 5 minutes before your appointment time as I will be sending you my unit number. 

My location is next to Westfield Innaloo Mall, next to spudshed Innaloo, next to La Grange Dongara reserve park, where you will find free parking.

Please, if you have any questions, send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible. 

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Portrait of Senior Woman

Natalia is incredible! You notice a huge difference in your body from the moment you walk out. She is also very friendly and makes you feel use or comfortable. Highly recommend!


24 March 2023 at 11:28am

Middle Aged Woman

Amazing, I can’t recommend Nat enough! She’s beautiful inside and out. Leaving tonight, I feel so relaxed and a lot less bloated xx

N. Jean

8 Nov 2022 at 8:49pm 

Mature Businessman

Natalia is very professional, had great customer service and good conversation. I felt very relaxed after the massage and would highly recommend.


27 February 2023at 4:20pm

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